Taking care of the products we buy and making them last as long as possible is also a way to be more sustainable.


using a soap dish is the easiest way to do it; Ideally, the soap dish used should be in contact as little as possible with the surface of the shampoo bar, so that it allows air to circulate around it and thus dries faster.

The more we expose the shampoo to humidity, the shorter its duration will be, which is why it is so important that when we are not using it, it is kept in a place that allows it to dry as quickly as possible.


For the fearless DIYer and the one committed to zero waste, there is always the option to do it yourself.

For example, use the tin box your shampoo comes in, you can turn it into a DIY shampoo bar holder by tying a few rubber bands around the container. It can not look as pretty as a wooden soap dish, but it will get the job done.


There are two ways to wash hair with a shampoo bar: Rubbing it directly on wet hair or first making foam in the hands as if it were a soap, and then placing that foam in the hair.

Although both ways of using them are correct, the second way (lathering in your hands) is the one that allows you to manage better the amount of product to use, therefore you will not apply more shampoo than you need.


In the same way, as with bar soaps, the solid shampoo becomes small when it is finished, causing it to break, fall on the floor, and lose it in the drain or give up using it because it is uncomfortable to handle.

At that time, an excellent option is to place the remaining pieces in a cloth bag; This alternative will allow you to take advantage of every last gram of shampoo.

Pro tip: if you share a shower with a partner, roommates, or family members, take the bars out of the shower when you’re done. It keeps the bars drier when not in use and prevents water from running over the soap and making the bars smaller

mattifying powder

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