Inspired by the idea of re-discovering a more natural form of personal care products, we have created Petrichor;

Petrichor is a project that offers natural products, handmade with artisanal processes and with organic ingredients for personal care.

We strive to offer products with reusable or recyclable packaging that can be reintegrated into the earth.




Surrounded by a world that encourages us to consume, our purpose is to offer a personal care alternative where we are more aware of the products we consume and the waste we generate.


Our commitment is not just about what we put on our bodies; it’s about understanding and minimizing the footprint we leave behind.

Together, we’ll celebrate, respect, and safeguard this incredible planet we call home. Are you excited to jump on board with us for this thrilling adventure?


Whether it’s the soothing embrace of a handmade soap, the refreshing touch of a shampoo bar, or the indulgent feel of a lip scrub, we’ve poured our heart and soul into every creation.

mattifying powder

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